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  • MODES AND STIMULATION: This breast pump comes in either a single or double pump with 3 modes and 9 levels. The massage mode is used to stimulate the breasts. To produce normal milk, you can use Multi-tronic Suction, Suck Stimulation Mode or Express Pumping Mode. Mothers can choose the best pumping intensity by using comfort mode.
  • BATTERY POWERED: This breast pump has a 2200mAh lithium battery, which allows it to run for up to three times without needing to be charged. It can be charged using power banks, computers, or a car adapter.
  • FOOD GRADE, NON BPA: These electric breast pumps are made with food grade silicone. Each component can easily be disassembled and assembled. Other than the electrical parts, all removable parts can also be assembled and disassembled and placed in a dishwasher.
  • SAY NO TO BACKFLOW: The Anti-backflow design of this electric breast pump is flawless. The milk backflow prevention valve stops milk flow from the bottle going into the body and the silicone diaphragm blocks milk flow to the pump.
  • NOISE FREE PERFORMANCE: This breast pump is nice and quiet, so if you are pumping at night you don’t need to worry that you will wake your baby.

Why you need this?

If you are planning on breastfeeding, then a breast pump is a must. Breast pumps can help your milk come in, if you suffer from mastitis you may find it less painful to pump than breastfeed, and it also gives you the freedom to leave the baby with someone who can give them a bottle. Breast pumps are also a great way to keep your milk supply up if you are returning to work, or going to be away from baby for an extended period of time. Every breastfeeding journey is different, some parents have an oversupply and some a low supply. 


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