Based in Sussex, the Brand New Parent store was created by a new Dad who had absolutely no idea what to look for or where to find products prior to the birth of his son.

Whilst wandering around a closing down sale at our local Mothercare store, it was clear that there was a gap in the online market.

We know just how important it is for parents to make sure they are getting the best for their babies but we also know how busy this time can be and that's where our idea was born - create an online store with highest quality products, giving our babies and toddlers what they deserve, while offering nothing but the best customer service and support for our parents.

In between our usual employment and fatherhood, I (and we as a family) have worked really hard to pull this all together with our only goal being simply to satisfy you and your beautiful children.

We hope you can feel that genuine love for our products when purchasing from us.

We've sourced unique products and styles that are not seen in the high street shops or supermarkets.

Much love,